It works! Our first animal!

We tested it by waving a hand in front of it at 11:30pm. Looks like it works... it recorded for 5 seconds. So we set it up. At 4:30am, we had our first visitor, a cat that seemed a little spooked out by the light. We were so excited when we saw that it worked! We're looking forward to seeing what we've recorded each morning when we wake up.
The light turns on for 5 seconds when something warm moves near the bait, and turns off when the movement stops. The program records for 5 seconds anytime the light goes on or off. We'll edit out most of the blank, boring times in future videos.
(bait: cheap beef dog food)


Sharon said...

I think this is all very exciting. I have been taking pictures of my groundhogs by day and raccoons at night but never visitors while I sleep. Recently took movies of a vole raiding our outside cat dish. If you like this site google chimney swift towers.

Anonymous said...

This is so cool! I am going to show it to my students tomorrow. We will make comments to you.
Thanks for sharing your experiment.

Anonymous said...

Cute fluffy kittens!